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Early Centuries

Centuries ago, civilisation started to evolve on Derse and Prospit. Each of the planets had their own evolution but they were pretty similar to one another.

Humans quickly raised themselves above carapaces because of their intelligence. They created religions. On Derse, the Noble Circle of the Horrorterrors was created. On Prospit, the Cult of Life slowly developed and the Temple of Life was built.

During this primitive period, carapaces and humans were faithful believers of these religions.
Monarchy was established during that period as well. Prospit’s Old Prophet lived in this era. Becquerel also lived in the early centuries of the civilisation, even before the religions where created.

The notion of year was pretty blurry; it was intrinsically linked to the revolution of the planet around Skaia. On Prospit, a revolution was easily to calculate because Skaia was so near. On Derse, however, it was more difficult. Some particularly big asteroids in the Veil were seen as the starting point of the revolution. When you saw them pass by, it meant it had been a year.


During that period, technical and ideological revolution happened. The ideological revolution touched the way people saw their planet, the universe and their religion. They were still really important but some intellectuals were beginning to question themselves. It was also during that time they started to reflect on their past; historians started retracing the history of their planet. It’s around that time they started to really count the years and write everything down.
The technological revolution led to the creation of new machines, weapons (bombs, etc.) and vehicles. Derse was faster to develop space ships and conquering new territories. Prospit also started building ships but only to go to Skaia; therefore, they were less powerful.

Derse finally made its way to Skaia and aggressively claim the blue planet. This led to the longest war between Derse and Prospit; the war for Skaia went on during approximately ten years.
When the armistice was signed and Skaia was declared neutral ground, intellectuals from both planets gathered together. Since there was to be truce and diplomatic relations between Prospit and Derse, they decided it would be best to put everything in common.

After a few arguments, they decided to standardize the way to calculate a year. Derse modeled its system on Prospit’s because of the proximity to Skaia. That means that one revolution of Derse is takes around sixteen years.

Historians from both Prospit and Derse made the armistice the YEAR 0 of their common history. Everything that happened before year 0 is either not written down or calculated with the ancient system (on Derse).

This marked the beginning of a NEW era that is still unnamed. (that means the forum takes place after the Renaissance, which ended with the war for Skaia).

At the beginning of the second century, the religions started to gradually decline. By the beginning of the third century, they were considered as ornamental or rejected by most people.

Here's a sumtmary of the most important events:

0 – Armistice
234 – Prophecy announcing Rose
241 – Prophecy announcing Jance
249 – Birth of the Alpha kids
251 – Birth of the Beta kids and trolls
252 – War for Alternia / Truce
266 – The Condesce’s Coup d’état
267 - NOW

Note: Since it’s a forum, each roleplay goes at its own pace. That means you can’t really calculate days, months and years like would in real life. That means the current timeline is not stable at all. Therefore, not everyone will be at the same point in time.

This time line should be used as a reference for previous events but it doesn’t really affect the present roleplay except that it takes place in year 267.

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