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 Canon character sheet

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PostSubject: Canon character sheet   Canon character sheet EmptyWed May 02, 2012 4:49 pm

Head canon:

Be sure to read everything we wrote about the AU. It’s really important your character fits the universe closely. We made sure to write their bio loosely for maximum freedom. That’s why you have to tell us your head canon.

In your head canon, you have to make us understand how you intend to play your character.
Tell us about their personality. This part should be pretty close to how the character is in canon, but it's also in this part that you can include your own interpretation of your character's personality.

You must tell us what they think about the war going on between Prospit and Derse (elaborate what the “canon” already says), about the Condesce and the trolls, about their own role in their Kingdom (this part is up to your). For example, if you apply for Jake, you can tell us how he feels about having next to no life of his own. You can also elaborate about their role in the revolution and how they've come to play that part.

Tell us about their relationships with other characters. Be sure to read the relationship diagram to know which characters they might have met. Nothing forbids you to make them meet new people, but keep in mind that before you start, they know only the characters mentioned on the chart.

Be creative: you can invent things from their childhood, as long as it won’t contradict the AU’s canon. Flesh out your character’s bio and make it your own!

Note: If you want to include events involving other characters, you can do it. However, if the character is already taken by someone, ask them if it’s ok with them beforehand. If the character is free at the moment, you have nothing to worry about! When we read your head canon, we will take that part and include it in the other character’s preliminary bio! Like that, when someone claims the character, they will know about your head canon and plan theirs accordingly!

This section should be at least 250 words long.

Physical head canon:
(Kids and trolls only!)

Due to the large variation in the fandom, you will have to tell us how you picture your character. This will be helpful to other roleplayers; to know what your character looks like next to theirs will allow them to react adequately. For example, if roleplayng a fight, if you might want to consider the stature of the other character before doing so!

No need to go in trivial details such as eye color. These remain the same. What we need to know is how tall they are and their general body shape (skinny, average, chubby, etc).

Roleplay sample:

Show us how you play the character: be sure to include dialogue and descriptions. You can use another character to help you, but keep in mind it’s YOUR character we want to read, not a NPC.

This section should be at least 150 words long.

OOC: You can tell us a little about yourself, your name/nickname, how long you have been roleplaying, etc. We would like to know you better!

Website: You can share your tumblr/deviantArt/any other website with us if you want!

Canon character sheet Gcatsign2
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Canon character sheet

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