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 Original character sheet

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  • Humans: Any age you want, though younger kids might be really boring.
    For the human girls of Derse, be careful!
    If your character is part of the nobility, no age restriction applies.
    However, if she is part of the royalty, she has to be older than Roxy of at least one year. That means that all women from the royalty are 19 and up.
  • Trolls: To avoid confusion, write your age in HUMAN YEARS and SOLAR SWEEPS
    Here’s how to calculate: (your troll’s age) x (6/13). [see the Homestuck wikia for explanation]
    Due to the trolls’ deportation from Alternia, 15 years ago and the death of the Mother Grub, no troll was born since then. All trolls must be 16 and up (or 7 Solar Sweeps). Please round up the age it gives you. For example, 16 human years = 7,38. It’s easier to just say 7.
  • Carapace: Same thing as the human. We don't know what system they use, so tell us how old they are in years.

Race: Human, troll or carapace.

Kingdom: Prospit or Derse.

Psychological traits:

Are they nice, hypocrite, cheerful, outgoing or shy? Are they brave or a coward? Tell us what they like to do, etc.

This section should be at least 150 words long.

Physical description:

Be creative: tell us their body shape, how tall they are, their eyes color, if they are strong or weak, etc.

  • Humans: Prospitians have black hair and Dersites have blond hair. The rest is up to you.
  • Trolls: Mention their blood color: it has to be in the canon Hemospectrum - dark red, brown, yellow, green, teal, cerulean, blue, indigo, purple. [Colors not avaible: jade green (Kanaya) since it’s rare, tyrian purple (Feferi and the Condesce) since they are the only troll royalty and candy red/mutant, for obvious reasons.]
  • Carapace: Prospitians are white and Dersistes are black.

This section should be at least 100 words long.


It’s important you read the AU’s setting carefully! Tell us about their childhood, about their family and friends. Tell us how they feel about the war going on (the Condesce trying to conquer everything, the troll uprising and the fear it causes, etc.)

  • Humans: All the humans are part of the nobility. None of them can be more important than the main kids. They can be part of the army, of the Temple of Life, of the Noble Circle of the Horrorterrors, or simply part of the Court.
    For Derse, you can either be part of the “royalty” (a small number of families are part of this group from which the Prince and Princess come) or of the regular nobility (most of the nobles are part of this group).
  • Trolls: Trolls younger than maybe 18 or 19 human years are too young to remember Alternia clearly. Trolls older than that may have more vivid memories of their homeland. Those who were already teens/grownups when the conquest happened have opinions about it. Tell us how your character feels.
  • Carapace: Most of them are workers who don’t mind their condition. They fight for their rulers and ask nothing in return.

This section should be at least 300 words long.

OOC: You can tell us a little about yourself, your name/nickname, how long you have been roleplaying, etc. We would like to know you better!

Website: You can share your tumblr/deviantArt/any other website with us if you want!

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Original character sheet

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