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While Derse and Prospit's respective monarchies believed the war of conquest of the alternian territory was well and over, someone on Derse was far from serene with the outcome of said war. The remaining troll population had been integrated to society and most of them had become merchants. Trolls usually were treated as equally well as the carapaces, on Derse and Prospit alike. Most were rather happy with that situation, since they had better life conditions than back on Alternia, even though some were resentful to the government for destroying their planet and most of its people. Some trolls didn't hesitate to express how they felt about this, especially elders and highbloods. However, the highbloods mostly were dissatisfied with their position in the hierarchy since they were used to being respected and feared, and to back on Alternia. They were used to chase and massacre for fun the people they now had to coexist with.

One of those highbloods, a seadweller known as the Condesce, whose tribe had been annihilated for the most part during the war (only a few seadwellers were still alive once the carnage had been over), was especially enraged with the monarchy. Before the alternian war, she used to be the leader of her tribe, which was also very powerful due to their bloodcaste. She thus felt very diminished by the troll's recent assimilation and refused to take part of the dersite society. She met the archagent Jack Noir, who shared her annoyance at the monarchy.

Jack Noir disagreed with the Black Queen's new policy of peace, which had been heavily influenced by the views of her pet, the dersite Prince, Dirk. Before the Prince was old enough to form an opinion on the matter, the archagent used to go about as he pleased. He used to play the role of a peacemaker, using violent means if necessary. People who had done something wrong used to be confined in the Palace's dungeons even if there was no proof of what they had done and were sometimes executed. The agents used to be able to cut a thief's hand and people caught in the act were sometimes slaughtered on the spot. These archaic ways suited the archagent's rampageous and bloodthirsty nature but since the Black Queen abolished them in favor of a legal system in which one is considered innocent until proven guilty, he was barely able to do his job anymore, leaving him wrathful with the Queen and her beloved Prince.

Soon enough, they were forming an alliance to overthrow the government, to which the archagent agreed on the condition that the Prince Dirk had to be killed. While the Condesce gathered the angry highbloods (neglecting the trolls she believed were lesser), Jack Noir gathered agents he believed would be faithful to him. When their army finally was ready and they thought nothing could go wrong, when they were, at last, about to invade the dersite Palace, Rose, the seer from the cult of the Horrorterrors, had a vision. She was able to get to the Prince and to warn him about the upcoming revolution. Dirk then carefully planned his escape with Rose, which included asking Dave to stay in the dersite army as a spy, and was able to get away just in time.

Afterwards, the Black King was publically executed, and since the Prince had escaped, the Black Queen was locked down on Jack's order, for she might have known where her pet went to (or at least, that's how Jack Noir justified his decision to the Condesce, but it was more than obvious that the Queen and him were involved in a caliginous relationship, so killing her made no sense). The Condesce then presented herself to the people as the new Empress. Feferi and Eridan, who both were from the same tribe as the Condesce, took the roles of Princess and Prince, replacing Dirk and the Rogue Princess. She let most of the aristocracy stay on the moon. However, after the King was killed and the Prince and Princess were replaced, a few of the noblemen from the army tried to break in the palace to attack the Empress. They obviously were stopped by agents, but in order to make sure people would not turn against her further, the Empress sentenced them to death and they were executed publically as an example to the others.

The agents and highbloods then started rampaging the streets of Derse and killing innocent people under the Empress' order so that the people would fear and obey her. Because of this, Derse's people, not being able to tell the mean highbloods apart from the other trolls, started fearing, and even hating the trolls, even the innocent ones. Especially the innocent ones, since they were not actually dangerous and were rather easy targets. Some of them have been assaulted by carapaces.

A secret mission to Alternia was conducted to retrieve the matriorb in order to hatch a new Mother Grub, who is key to troll reproduction. The matriorb had been missing since the alternian war of conquest. Right now, it is in the Empress' possession, but no one outside of Derse's moon is aware of this.

The Empress declared war on Prospit, wanting to expend her Empire to all of Skaia. Upon hearing this, many of Prospit's highblood trolls imitated those of Derse in slaughtering innocents, spreading the fear of Alternian people all over the planet. The innocent trolls of Prospit thus suffered the same treatment as those of Derse. Even though Prospit's government tried to control these events by sending patrols in the streets, most of the armed forces were sent to the battlefield to fight against dersite troops. Threathened by the Empress's highbloods and agents, the dersite army had to obey.

Meanwhile, plans of an alliance to overthrow the Empress were already forming. The Prince took hiding in a safe place located in Derse's low District under a liquor shop. He gathered a few of his acquaintances, both human and troll. A small group of trolls and humans also got together on Prospit. The trolls from Prospit were already in conflict with the prospitian highbloods since their deportation from Alternia, and they agreed to help the rebels as long as they would help them end said conflict. Both groups communicate through mail and they sometimes get together in either safe place, but it is a lot more risky. Right now, plans of rebellion are meticulously being elaborated upon, but concrete actions have yet to be made.

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