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 Liza Creset - The Hoodlum

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Liza Creset
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PostSubject: Liza Creset - The Hoodlum   Liza Creset - The Hoodlum EmptyMon Oct 22, 2012 9:03 pm

Name: Liza Creset
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Race: Human
Kingdom: Prospit

Psychological traits:

Liza is brash and headstrong. Rarely does she give a second thought to her actions and what their outcome will cause, the people it will affect, or if there’s an easier way to do something. When she gets an idea in her head, that is the first and only thing she will go with. Liza isn’t one to care for formalities or proper behavior. If she has an opinion, she will voice it loudly and openly without caring if it is rude. She doesn’t like to be around people usually, preferring to be outdoors and adventuring. Her brash choices tie with her quick temper and fast actions. To get this girl to be calm and quiet is a feat in itself.

First impressions are everything; She’ll either choose you to be someone she is loyal to and might listen to, or someone that she wouldn’t even piss on if you were on fire. For this lack of care causes most people to think she’s heartless and crude, and that is the impression she tries to show people. There is no cause for appearing weak, and she especially doesn’t like people that rely on others for defense. She won’t say she likes anyone, more than she tolerates them. Never having any person you were close to in your life can do that to a person.

Even more she hates being told what to do and how to do things. The only time she would spend time trying to think of a different way of doing something would be if she was told to do something in a specific way. Being street smart is more important than booksmart in her opinion.

Physical description:

This girl stands at a wirey 5’8, a height she deplores. She is lean and fit, made that way from countless adventures and sneaking about. Her figure is thin and boyish, almost no curves to speak of that those that are can easily be hidden under loose clothing. It isn’t strange for her to be mistaken for a boy without a very close look, even then many just think she’s effeminate. Her dark hair is typically worn in a braid around her head to keep out of the way but when she lets it down it reaches reaches the back of her knees in a tangle of messy ringlets. Deep blue eyes with long lashes is the only thing about her that actually appears feminine especially when her hair is hidden under a hat or hood.

Liza prefers loose boyish clothes, or anything that isn’t similar to the robes of the Maidens. Very often she had a bandana wrapped around her head or hides as much of her hair as she’s able to under a hat. Her clothes are a man cut vest over a long sleeved tunic that ends in worn tatters at its ends and simple pants with worn knees, all long to hide the various scars on her body. The only part of her clothes that actually don’t look old and at least half a size too large are the black boots she wears, without a single scuff mark on their dark leather. She also has three daggers, held by straps around her calves and one tied on a cord that goes around her neck and hides under her shirts.


Liza started like all other typical spoiled brats. Her parents were nobility and were more concerned with their status and parties than they were about raising a child. They didn’t want to give her to the Temple of Life initially but by the time they changed their mind she was too old to be accepted like normal girls. So they kept her, and just gave her anything she wanted to keep from having to see her. What she wanted was to spend time outside, exploring and finding answers to what she wasn’t told. Not much information is given to five year olds after all.

Her nannies, multiple ones none of which were really able to stand her for very long, would try to get her interest in anything Proper and after days or maybe just hours they’d give in and just take her to go around the moon and planet. A record she’s quite proud of was getting a nanny to quit in the same day she was hired. She was always given what she wanted, and never wanted to be around other nobles. She didn’t make relationships other than with the kids she’d get into fights with or adventures with when she’d sneak away from her nannies down in the Prospit markets.

That was another thing she was good at, not just getting answers but getting them without being seen or heard. She’d sneak around her house for practice, sneak out of events that her parents tried to bring her to, snuck away from every guardian her parents tried to tack on her. Getting in trouble was the only way to get their attention, and since they started to get used to it she had to get badder and badder with times. Black eyes and cut lips after an ‘adventure’ barely got notice by the age of eight.

Finally her parents decided that she was old enough to not need a nanny, but didn’t allow her to leave her home. It was time for her to become a proper lady, which meant not getting into fights with street rats. Stuffy dresses, long lectures from governesses, and having to be polite with noble kids she would rather kick in the shins. Soon she got a fearful respect/hatred from most other children on the moon. She also found ways to sneak out of her home and get down to the planet. Getting back would have some trouble, since she’d have to face the people that had been looking for her. The excuse that she had slept in wouldn’t work every time.

Then disaster struck.

Her parents, the fools they were, got themselves terribly sick. For the first week, Liza wasn’t even aware. She had been avoiding them as much as possible after a pretty bad fight so they wouldn’t see her latest marks. Then she was brought to her father’s room, he wanted to say his last words to her. Her mother passed away a couple days later.

The girl, barely a couple months older than 9 years old, was given no time to mourn. She wouldn’t have like she was expected to, she barely knew them. They were responsible for her existence, but took no other responsibility. A place that would take in and care for the girl that no one liked would have to be found. The house jumping lasted a month as all other possible families got tired of her fast as her nannies did. Finally after much discussion and pleading (On Liza’s behalf, she was trying to sneak out at the time) the Temple of Life took her in to train to be a Maiden. She had to start off at the same level as toddlers did, she even had to be taught to read and write since she had paid no attention to her teachers.

She learned faster than the toddlers did, but she was forced to keep pace like all the other maidens did. She was told to feel special that she was even able to join at such an age, but didn’t feel so special with all sorts of other girls her age speaking down on her. And she wasn’t allowed to leave the Temple. All these girls speaking down to her, she not being able to do what she wanted, and none of them knowing anything that was happening outside. All the structure was driving her mad, and after a year of learning her way around the place she started sneaking out.

Again she’d explore. She’d only risk being outside for an hour at first, then a little longer and so on. Getting in war harder than getting out, even after she knew specific ways to get in and out only an insider would know. Getting in would require a story of where she was instead of being at a lesson, changing her clothes and cleaning up herself before anyone saw her. This went on for years, Liza getting better to avoid getting caught as time passed. She got a little sloppy some times and got caught, got warnings and demerits for skipping lessons to the point that after 7 years she’d only been considered to have moved up five.

The final cut came when she went missing for three full days and then returned as if nothing had happened. Age 16, she had grown tired of learning and being told what to do all the time. She and other Maidens would get in trouble for fighting constantly, seeing her with some sort of bruise wasn’t at all strange. She was deemed disruptive, disrespectful, and intolerable, and now no longer even being able to be stood by the most patient of Maidens. After solitary confinement for two weeks and then good behavior for a month, Liza packed up her few belongings and ran away.

So what does a girl with no family, no friends, and no allies do? Survive.

By this time the girl was good at sneaking, hiding, stealing. She’d take what she’d need, sometimes a little more just in case. Rather than pay rent of some kind she chose to live in an abandoned house in the slums. Sure it was moldy and the roof had caved in in some places and it got terribly damp when the rain fell. It was her own place, and no one could tell her what she could or couldn’t do in there. She decided against returning to the Moon with it’s stuff nobles, instead able to keep to herself or argue with anyone she chose to. She doesn’t do much other than survive, but was interested in hearing gossip about the take over on Derse and then more about a rebellion. If it wasn’t interesting for long, it could at least give a momentary distraction from cold and hunger. Who knows? Maybe she’d even get to bash some head together for a better cause than someone calling her names.

Misc: Why the braids rather than cut her hair to be very short? Deniability. In the dark if someone saw someone with short hair, it’d be harder to tell if it was actually short or if the hair was just wrapped around one’s head. They’d look for short haired people instead of long haired ones. Also keeping an even short cut when you only have knives to cut your hair is difficult, and it had already been long when she’d left the Temple of Life.

OOC: I’m Kate and I live in Ontario, Beamsville. I found this site by tumblr, and I hope to get along with all of you! I’m 16, and have been roleplaying for about a year. And I'm sorry this took so long to write after I joined, and that it's also super long to read...

Website: I'd rather not give that out, if you guys don't mind.
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Character sheet accepted!

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PostSubject: Re: Liza Creset - The Hoodlum   Liza Creset - The Hoodlum EmptySat Nov 10, 2012 10:02 am

hi there! i'm adam/tavros :^) if you'd like to, i'd be more than happy to roleplay with you!
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Liza Creset - The Hoodlum

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