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 SUDDENLY. Commissions

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PostSubject: SUDDENLY. Commissions   SUDDENLY. Commissions EmptyMon Oct 22, 2012 10:49 pm

I need some extra cash so here it goes. First come first served. E-mail me at

[OPEN] Commissions README:

• Payments will be made in advance. Once I receive a payment I'll send you a sketch which I'll modify if it's not to your liking.
• I won't take commissions with more than 2 characters.
• I don't mind being commissioned NSFW but I reserve myself the right to refuse if I'm uncomfortable with your request. I'm very unlikely to accept Furry, Guro and Shota/Lolicon.
• Reference pictures are required for both Fanart and OCs. If you don't have a reference picture for your OC, please at least send me a detailed description.
• All color drawings include a color background. Just pick your color.
• If you have questions don't hesitate to PM me!

• Sketch – 5$
• Sketch + basic  color – 10$

• Lineart – 15$
• Lineart + Basic Color – 20$
• Lineart + Color + Shading – 25$

• Add 5$ for a simple background
• Add 10$ for a complex background

Send your payment at:

N.B:  If you didn't read my instructions and ask me something that's already explained in this page, I will automatically refuse your request.  
Also I want to warn you that my "clean" lineart is usually kind of sketchy. If you want it really clean, tell me so in your order and I'll do my best.

Available Slots:
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SUDDENLY. Commissions

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