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 About the French

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PostSubject: About the French   About the French EmptyTue Aug 28, 2012 12:03 am

Okay we've had this a couple times now and I'm starting to find it a little awkward. Gcat, feel free to delete this once it's read.

So I noticed that it happened a couple times that the people who speak French on this forum (me and a few others) are chatting in French and then suddenly, English speaker arrives and instantly LEAVES.

Guys, you need to realize we're only helping Nirana/Aradia out with her French and we're gonna switch back AS SOON as someone who doesn't understand it logs in. Wer're usually having small talks about the weather or what's going on in our boring lives anyway so... Don't just run away, we're not gonna keep on typing in French if people who don't understand it are around...

end of notice about language
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About the French

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